Comparison between tin cans and PET bottles

Comparison between tin cans and PET bottles For beverage and food products packaging, industries and individuals usually use tin or PET bottles. Tin cans are made using the can making machine while the plastic bottles are made using PET blow molding machine. The common similarity is that both these products can be used to carry liquids, but the […]

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Why Use Metal Packaging

Why Use Metal Packaging The packaging of products is one of the aspects of production that gives a headache to the manufacturers. The choice of material to package the processed items is crucial as it influences factors such as cost, shelf life, ease of packaging, customer preference among others. Among the most efficient way of […]

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Advantages of PET bottles over other containers

Advantages of PET bottles over other containers PET bottles have an extensive usage, especially in most processing plants. These bottles are made using PET blow molding machines where it can take one or two stages depending on the purpose of the bottle. In the first phase, the PET material is injection molded to give preform. This […]

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Does PET blow molding machine save you money?

Does PET blow molding machine save you money? Most soft drinks manufacturers understand the importance of PET blow molding machine. This method of making bottles is associated with quantifiable benefits and produces PET bottles that wide range of use. PET blow molding is a process where PET material is channeled through a series of the […]

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Water Filling Plant

Water Filling machine Water is an essential element in the living process. As important as it may sound, water can be a carrier of deadly diseases if not handled with proper hygiene. Human beings have strived to avail themselves with clean water for consumption. Water filling plants have since emerged to quench the ever-growing thirst […]

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What is PET Blow Molding Machine

A PET blowing machine is simply a machine used to make bottles. However to further understand its concept and deeper meaning you will need to know what PET stands for. PET stands for Polyethylene terephthalate which is the plastic used to make these bottles. A pet blowing machine is a machine used to blow these pet bottles and […]

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