Advantages of PET bottles over other containers

Advantages of PET bottles over other containers

PET bottles have an extensive usage, especially in most processing plants. These bottles are made using PET blow molding machines where it can take one or two stages depending on the purpose of the bottle. In the first phase, the PET material is injection molded to give preform. This preform is, later on, goes through reheating and stretching before it is finally blown to make a container. Though you can integrate this process into one, most industries make them using different machines.

Advantages of PET containers

The reason most industries use PET bottles is that it has extensive and reliable properties. Here are some of the advantages:

Crystal Clear

PET products look great, clear and are healthy to use. When one uses PET containers to pack food products, because of their clarity they are able to draw in the attention of most customers. It is usually good, especially when introducing new products.


Products taste great under PET bottles as they follow universal nourishment contact controls.


PET containers are extreme and for all intents and purposes unbreakable amid generation, stockpiling and transportation. In the event that they do fizzle, they split, not break. Their high effect and rigidity make them perfect for carbonated products.

 Good Barrier

The low penetrability of PET to carbon dioxide, oxygen, and water implies that it secures and keeps up the uprightness of products giving a decent time span of usability. PET likewise has great compound opposition.


PET bottles decrease shipping costs by around 30%, and because the PET material in the divider is more slender, rack use is enhanced by 25% on volume contrasted to the glass. You can also stack high quality, low weight PET jugs as glass.

No Leakage

Supreme conclusion trustworthiness is conceivable because of the infusion shaped neck wrap up. The nonappearance of a weld line in the base implies that PET jugs don’t spill.

Design Flexibility

Appropriate for holders everything being equal, sizes, neck completes, plans and hues.


Phenomenal ecological profile because of a single material, PET containers can be cleaned, granulated into pieces and reused as PET jugs or utilized as a material for tying, fiber filling, carpeting, and so forth. Exceptionally planned thick-divider containers can be cleaned, refilled and reused. PET is produced using a similar three components, i.e., carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen as paper, and has no harmful substances. Whenever consumed, it produces water and carbon dioxide, leaving no lethal deposits.

Good Resistance

PET gives the best compound obstruction execution of any standard polymer used to package products today.

Long Shelf-life

A PET product has a long shelf-life, particularly with the new higher hindrance definitions.

Final Verdict

Depending on the usage, PET blow molding machine can fasten the mold in either vertical or horizontal position. The use of vertical position is much better as the molding process can the advantage of the gravity. Due to the effectiveness and reliability, you can always use them for various purposes.

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