Does PET blow molding machine save you money?

Does PET blow molding machine save you money?

Most soft drinks manufacturers understand the importance of PET blow molding machine. This method of making bottles is associated with quantifiable benefits and produces PET bottles that wide range of use. PET blow molding is a process where PET material is channeled through a series of the manufacturing process to produce hollow containers or bottles. There are various types of PET molding processes; these include Extrusion blow molding, injection stretch molding, and injection blow molding. Each of these methods has its advantages and depending on your preferences you can choose one that best suits you.


One of the common questions manufacturers ask themselves is, is PET blow molding machines save you money? When large producing larger molds, PET products made using blow molding machines are very cost effective. This is because they usually low cost-cost-per-volume yield when large blow mold sizes are utilized. Thus most industries prefer high production as they will save a lot of cash.

Standards molds are usually meant for producing unique designs and sizes. However, when creating unique products can be sometimes costly compared to making conventional bottles. However, when using the standards molds properly, a company can cut down the production cost significantly.

Offer endless options for choosing a color

You can configure PET blow molding machines to produce various bottles with different colors. Product branding is a modern trend that everybody has to market for them to stay relevant in the market for long. With a blow molding process, you can take advantage of color options and produce products that are unique as you keep the manufacturing process as economical as possible. Before starting this business, ensure that you understand all the parameters and plan accordingly to avoid loses.

Endless product usage

A PET blow molding machines produce PET products that have a wide range of use. Most companies use PET bottlesĀ for packaging their beverages, cosmetics, soft drinks, detergents among others. With bow molding process you can make these bottles and liaise with these companies. You will be able to produce customized products and make a lot of money.

Saves transportation costs

When you import packaging products overseas, you increase the production cost. Sometimes if the demand is competitive, you might also end up buying them with extra cost or missing to secure them. However, having a PET blow molding machine at your production line will enable you to make customized designs that fit your production line while cutting down the sourcing costs.

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